Belkin Laptop AC Power Charger Adapter for Home/Office for PC Laptops Under 17

Belkin Laptop AC Power Charger Adapter for Home/Office for PC Laptops Under 17
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Manufacturer: Belkin
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The Home Office Power Adapter is the perfect addition for multiple laptop users that would prefer to carry one power supply, rather than a bundle of power supplies from home to work


The Travel Power Adapter eliminates the need for multiple power supplies in today's mobile society.  Never will you have to worry about your laptop or mp3 running out of power because the Travel Power Adapter derives power from the most common sources of power, including AC wall sockets and DC power from a car charger.  Compatibility for most PC laptops under 17".

AC Wall Outlets
The Laptop Power Adapter for travel can be operated from any standard wall outlet using the attached AC power cord. After attaching the appropriate power tip (see the “Tip Selection” section) to the output cable of the power supply, insert or attach the tip to your device to begin charging. Power will immediately be delivered to your device whether it is powered on or not. Generally, if your unit is not powered on, the battery will begin to charge. 

When mobile, the Laptop Power Adapter for travel can be operated using the cigarette-lighter assembly (CLA) designed by Belkin, provided with this Laptop Power Adapter. As noted above, after attaching the appropriate power tip to the output cable of the power supply, insert or attach the tip to your device. Next, insert the CLA into the socket provided in your vehicle. Power will now be supplied to your laptop or other mobile device.

Many low-power devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players, can be powered using the standard USB output. Simply insert the USB cable provided with your device into the USB port to begin charging or to supply power.

  • USB Power for iPhone, iPod, Samsung, Razr or BlackBerry powering on-the-go
  • Integrated cord-wrap design
  • Battery-expandable
  • Ready to go with automatic voltage, just plug in a tip!
  • Total of 11 tips included
  • All inclusive cable management helps prevent the loss of parts
Technical Specifications
Input Voltage (AC)    100–240V
Input Voltage (CLA)   12–16VDC
Input Voltage (backbone – battery)  12–16VDC
Output Voltage  16–24V
Output Current  5A (max)
Output Power  69W
USB Output  5V @ 0 to 0.5A
Unit Dimensions  152 x 66 x 32mm
Weight  433.7g
AC Input Cable  635mm
DC Power Output Cable  172.7cm
CLA Cable  51.5cm
Storage Temperature  -40 to 85° C
Operating Temperature  0 to 40° C
Relative Humidity (non-condensing) 95%, max
Built-In Circuit Protection Over-voltage, under-voltage, over temperature

Tip Selection
Each laptop has a specific tip that can be used for power. These tips have
different dimensions and deliver different levels of current and voltage. 
It is important that you choose the correct tip for your laptop.
Belkin has provided eleven (11) of the most popular laptop tips with this device
(see table below). The tips can be used with laptops from these makers:

Tip #    Laptop Maker
   1         Acer
   3         Gateway, Acer, IBM
   4         IBM
   5         HP, NEC, Toshiba
   6         Panasonic, Sony
   7         Sony
   8         Toshiba
  11        Compaq
  36        Dell  (power only, no charge)
  87        Dell  (power only, no charge)
129        HP

Note: Due to specific patents and electrical requirements, tips for Apple®, Compaq Presario® X6000, R4000 and R4100 Series, and HP Pavilion® ZD8000, ZV6000, ZV6100, ZV6200 Series laptops are not included.

It will provide power for Dell laptop, but will not charge it.


Package contains:
- 1x power adpater with power cable
- 1x car CLA with cable

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